NV 20 Year Fine Old Tawny

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Varieties: Grenache Ximenez Shiraz

Vintage: NV

Country: Australia

Region: Clare Valley

Alcohol: 18.5%

Bottle size: 500ml


We have modeled this wine along the lines of the very best of Portugal’s tawny ports. Hence it has only about 4° Baume of sweetness rather than the 6° Baume of sweetness shown by most Australian tawny styles. The oldest component of the blend dates from 1988. Because of the financial constraints imposed by maturing wine for as long as we do, most Australian fortifieds lack the complexity of this wine. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our long-term efforts.

Growing Conditions

This wine has been blended from many vintages in what we believe has successfully simultaneously created both complexity and freshness. We operate this blending process using a modified Solera system, with all components aged on site in old hogsheads stored in our warmest shed. The annual evaporation rate is about 5%, which explains the flavor concentration in the resultant wine.
Alc: 18.5%
Residual Sugar: 4° Baume
Most Australian tawny is made with added caramel to boost colour, with the side effect of also adding significant sweetness. We use no caramel and hence our wine is lighter in colour and not too sweet.


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