2012 Riesling

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Varieties: Riesling

Vintage: 2012

Country: Australia

Region: Clare Valley

Alcohol: 11.5%

Bottle size: 750 mL


From a lower than average yielding year, the 2012 Riesling appears youthful, still dominated by primary fruit characters of citrus fruits. The acid backbone remains mouth-watering and fresh and suitably balances some texture beginning to build on the mid-palate. This wine will be a real keeper.

Growing Conditions

Remaining true to our commitment to make quality Riesling expressing true regionality, only the free run juice was used to make this premium Clare Valley Riesling.
Following crushing, dejuicing and juice clarification, fermentation proceeded for two weeks at 12—14°C. The wine has been protein and cold stabilised to normal standards and fined with isinglass. Minimal sulphur dioxide has been used.

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